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YearNameCurrent Position School Fellowship Position e-mail address
1977 Todd Friedman Fletcher Senator Jacob Javits, Senate Foreign Relations Committee
1978 Dennis WilderDNI, President's Daily Briefing Georgetown Senator John Glenn Chmn, E. Asian & Pacific Affairs Subcomm. Senate Foreign Relations Comm.dennisw at 
1979 Scott DavisDeputy Director
Biological Policy Staff, State Dept
Fletcher Senator Carl Levin, Senate Armed Services Committee davisms at
1980VernisWelmon Asst Dean for Minority Relations & Int'l Programs, Instructor of Int'l Business, Penn State Temple*, Columbia Assist. Sec of State for Human Rights vmw1 at 
1981 BrianWeeseOak Hall IndustriesSAISSenator Charles Percy Chmn, Senate Foreign Relations Committee
1982 Andrea Barron Program Manager for International Affairs, Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars  American Cong. Benjamin Gilman,  Inter-American Affairs Subcomm., House Foreign Affairs Comm.  

a.barron at


1982 RobertFinkel Attorney, Wilmer, HaleUniv. Pa, Columbia, (M.A.), Stanford Law Senator Arlen Specter robert.finkel at
1983 Jeffrey Herbst President Colgate UniversityPrinceton*, Yale Senator Arlen Specter
1984 Laura Kirkconnell State Department, Director of the Office of Economic Policy Analysis and Public Diplomacy Georgetown Dept. of Transportation, International Affairs Officekirkconnelllj at 
1984 Michael FromanU.S. Trade Representative Princeton* Harvard Law, Oxford


Department of State, Policy Planning
1985 Russell Dallen President and Editor-in-Chief of the Latin American Herald Tribune U. of Miss.*, Columbia (SIPA & Law), U of Nottingham, Oxford Senator Rudy Boschwitz, Chmn, Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs Subcomm., Senate Foreign Relations Comm. rmdallen at
1986 Dirk Damrau Princeton Senator Don Riegle, Ranking Min. Member, Science, Technology and Space Subcomm., Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Comm.
1986 Lee Berinstein Executive Director, Rothstein Charitable Youth Trust Columbia Congressman Stephen Solarz, Chmn, Asian and Pacific Affairs Subcomm., House Foreign Affairs Comm. yberinstein at
1987 Daniel Horner Editor, Arms Control Today Fletcher Congressman Howard Wolpe, Chmn, Africa Subcomm., House Foreign Affairs Comm. danieljhorner at 
1987 Bluma Zuckerbrot-Finkelstein Consultant on Middle Eastern and Int'l Affairs, teaching at Univ of Memphis Harvard Senator Paul Simon, Chmn, African Affairs Subcomm., Senate Foreign Relations Comm. bzuckerbrot-finkelstein at 
1988 Madeleine Mader Housing and Comm Development Dept, Portland, Oregon SAIS Congressman Stephen Solarz, Chmn, Asian and Pacific Affairs Subcomm., House Foreign Affairs Comm.mgmader at
1988 Stephen YoungUnion of Concerned Scientists, Washington, D.C. Columbia Department of State, Bureau of Human Rightssyoung at 
1989 PeterLevine Research Director of the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service at Tufts UniversityYale* OxfordAgency for International Development peter.levine at 
1989 David SayboltAssistant U.S. Attorney, Washington, D.C.FletcherSenator Terry Sanford, Terrorism, Narcotics and Intern'l Relations Subcomm., Senate Foreign Relations Committeedavid.saybolt at 
1990 Paul Eckert Reuters, Washington, D.C. Fletcher Department of State, East Asian/Pacific Affairs paul.eckert at
1990 Daniel Rosenblum Coordinator for Eurasia, US Assistance to Europe & Eurasia, State Dept  SAIS Congressman Dan Glickman, Committee on Agriculturerosenblumdn at 
1991 James Anderson Professor of Int'l and Security Studies, Marshall Center  Fletcher Department of State, Intelligence and Research jha at
1991 Todd Eisenstadt Professor and past Chair, Dept of Government, American University, Washington, D.C. SAIS Congressman Lee Hamilton, Chmn., Subcomm. on Europe & the Middle East, House Foreign Affairs Comm.eisensta at
1992 Charlotte Hebebrand Director General, Council of the International Fertilizer Industry Association SAIS Brookings Institution
1992 Neal McKnight Attorney, Sullivan and Cromwell Princeton
U Va Law
Senator Bob Kerrey, Select Committee on Intelligence mcknightn at 
1993 Irene Wu Director of Research, International Bureau, Federal Communications Commission SAIS Department of State, Intelligence and Research iwu at
1993 EvelynFarkas Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia Fletcher Congressman Lee Hamilton, Chmn, House Foreign Affairs Comm. efarkas at 
1993 John Clapp Speciality Investment Banking Head of Cleantech, Power & Energy at Spearhead Capital, LLC SAIS Department of State, Intelligence and Researchjclapp at 
1994 RobertFilippone Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Fletcher Department of State, Intelligence and Research bfilippone at
1994 Staffan Hemra Swedish Embassy, Berlin, Minister Counselor Columbia Congressman Lee Hamilton, Chmn, House Foreign Affairs Comm.,staffan.hemra at 
1994 Laurence Rothenberg Deputy Assistant Attorney General
Office of Legal Policy, Department of Justice
Fletcher Department of State, Intelligence and Researchlarry_rothenberg at 
1995 Heather Diehl Analyst, Central Intelligence Agency Georgetown Congressman Lee Hamilton, Ranking Member, House Foreign Affairs Comm. hadiehl at 
1995 Lee Caplan Attorney, Arent Fox Fletcher, Boalt Hall Law Department of State, Legal Advisor's Office lcapl at 
1996 AlanKupermanAssoc. Prof, LBJ School of Public Affairs, U of Texas SAIS Agency for International Development Akuperman at 
1996 NealHiggins Director of Congressional Affairs, CIA Princeton* Fletcher Harvard Law Congressman Lee Hamilton, Ranking Member, House Foreign Affairs Comm., House Foreign Affairs Comm. neal at 
1997 GregMayVietnam Desk Officer, Dept of State SAIS Senator Russell Feingold, Ranking Member, Africa Subcommittee, Senate Foreign Relations Committee gmay at 
1997 SteveWatts The Rand Corporation Georgetown, Cornell State Department, Policy, Planningstephen_watts at 
1998 Elizabeth Colagiuri Assistant Dean of the College,
Princeton University
Princeton Senator Bob Grahamecolagiu at 
1998 AlexanderBarrasso Deputy Chief of Mission, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei SAIS State Department, Office of Global Humanitarian Deminingabarrasso at 
1998 Ula(Solomon) Polsky Duke Energy, Houston Georgetown State Department, Southeast European Cooperation Initiative uspolsky at
1999JimAlexander Attorney, Gibson Dunn Fletcher, Stanford Law Senator Bob Graham jalexander at 
1999 DavidKligerman Department of State, Legal Advisor's Office SAIS
UMichigan Law
State Department david.kligerman at 
1999 Laurie(Zimmerman) KoranMonterey Inst of Intl Studies State Department
2000AndreaArmstrong Assistant Professor of Law, Loyola University, New Orleans Princeton
Yale Law
State Department acarmstrong at 
2000 KanaeWatanabe-Kaye  SAIS Senator Robert Torricelli
2000JaredFeinbergBooz Allen Hamilton GeorgetownState Departmentjaf6s at 
2001SarahSamson Senior CSR Policy Manager, Novartis International PrincetonSen. John Warner, Ranking Member, Armed Services, Committeessamson at  
2001ChristopheLeroy Independent Consultant SAISSen. Mark Daytonleroycj at 
2001DavidDelaneyVisiting Professor, Indiana University Maurer School of Law FletcherState Dept, Policy Planningdgdelaneydc at
2001TerryStevensU.S. Embassy Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan  GeorgetownState Dept, New Independent Statesterrystevens at 
2002Saira MohamedAssistant Professor, Berkeley Law School Columbia (SIPA & Law)State Dept, Counter-Terrorismsaira at 
2002Mordica SimpsonForeign Service Officer, Guatemala SAISState Dept, Counter-Terrorismmordicasimpson at 
2002Emma Chanlett-AveryCong. Research 
Service, Specialist in Asian Affairs
ColumbiaState Dept, Policy Planningechanlettavery at
2002Brett FreedmanAttorney, National Security Agency FletcherSenate Governmental Affairs Committee, Subcommittee on International Securitybrettfreedman at 
2002Cara AbercrombieOffice of the Sec of Defense, Office of Near East and South Asian Affairs PrincetonHouse International Relations Committeecabercro at 
2002Jennifer (Bulkeley) StaatsSpecial Assistant for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Defense Princeton
State Dept, Bureau of NonproliferationJennifer_Bulkeley at 
2003Ben BarryForeign Service Officer, Kiev SAISCongressman Chris Van Hollenbenbarry at 
2003Maria  (Reff) CoorAttorney, Baker, Hostetler Fletcher Duke Law Congressman Tom Petrimcoor at 
2003Sundara VadlamudiStudent (Univ of Texas Ph.D Monterey Inst of Intl StudiesSenate Governmental Affairs Committee, Subcommittee on International Securitysusurao at
2003Carl RobichaudProgram Officer,
Carnegie Corporation of New York
PrincetonCouncil on Foreign Relations/Stimson Centercr at
2003Adam FrankelExecutive Director, Digital Promise Princeton,* London School of EconomicsState Department Counterterrorismapfrankel at
2003Nicole IsaacPrincipal, The Group, Washington, DC Columbia, Univ of PennsylvaniaState Dept Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labornmi2001 at
2003Nick Barnard Vice President, Gerson Lehrman Group ColumbiaState Dept Bureau of Nonproliferationnab2010 at
2003Duncan LongProject Associate, RAND Corporation ColumbiaState Dept Bureau of Political-Military Affairsduncan.long at
2004Laura Burns SAISState Dept Counterterrorism
2004Daniel Barlow Department of Defense Monterey Inst of Intl StudiesSenator Norm Colemandannybarlow at
2004Shadi HamidDeputy Director
Brookings Doha Center
Fellow, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, Brookings
GeorgetownSenator Dianne Feinstein
shamid at
2004Glenna MacGregorTrial Attorney, Department of Homeland Security/ICE Georgetown LawState Department, Counterterrorismglenna.macgregor at
2004Erin (Mote) Fogg Spoke Consulting Monterey Inst of Intl StudiesCongressman Adam Schifferin at
2004CynthiaRomero Atlantic Council Princeton*Senator Edward Kennedy
2004Keith StanskiCenter on International Cooperation, Senior Program Officer BrownOffice of the Secretary of DefenseKeithstanski at
2004Victoria TaylorDEPFA Bank, Infrastructure Finance ColumbiaState Dept Counterterrorismvat2102 at
2004Stephen Thompson Poten & Partners FletcherState Dept Counterterrorismsthompson at
2005Federico BaradelloAttorney, Kirkland and Ellis Princeton*State Dept Counterterrorismfbaradello at
2005Daniel CookManagement Reforms Consultant, United Nations ColumbiaSec. of Defense, Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict Unitdancook25 at
2005Marian DrakeDepartment of the Treasury
Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence
FletcherSec. of Defense, Office of African Affairsmariandrake at
2005Ling Liang Monterey Inst of Intl StudiesCongressman Robert Wexler
2005Nandu MachirajuAssociate at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP ChicagoU.S. Trade Representative, Office of Industry, Market Access and Telecommunicationsnandu_machiraju at
2005Matthew MalloyFederal Reserve Bank of NY, International Division ColumbiaTreasury, Office of East Asian
2005Gearoid MillarAberdeen University (Scotland), Lecturer in Peace and Reconciliation AmericanHouse Committee on Homeland Securitygmmillar at
2005Beth Schmierer GeorgetownSenate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committeebas43 at
2005James WarnerCongressional Affairs Fellow, Pew Center on Global Climate Change SAIS Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinenjames at
2005David Whitelaw Hewlett Packard, Financial Specialist SAIS and DartmouthSec. of Defense, Office of Detainee Affairsdavewhitelaw at
2006MatanChorevSpecial Assistant and Speechwriter to Deputy Secretary of State Fletcher Sec of Defense, Strategy Office matan.chorev at
2006JosephCostaSenior Associate, The Cohen Group, Washington, D.C.  Chicago House Homeland Security Committeejcosta at
2006DanielDoktoriStudent (Harvard Law) Columbia State Department Counterterrorism office ddoktori at
2006YehudaHampelBooz Allen, Hamilton George Washington Secretary of Defense Eurasia section
2006KevinO'NealChief of Staff, State Department Bureau of Political-Military Affairs Princeton U.S. Mission to the United Nations kevin_m_oneal at
2006GregPollock Office of the Secretary of Defense/Policy Georgetown Department of the Treasury gregpollock at
2006DominikaSmereczynski Chicago Senator Jay Rockefeller dominika at
2006JustinVogtForeign Affairs, Senior Editor Columbia State Department Counterterrorism office jgv100 at
2006BarbaraWolfProgram Officer
Program for Jewish Civilization
Georgetown Univ
Georgetown Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen bhw7at
2007DavidBeffert Senior Analyst, Finance Group Manager at Bulletin News LLC SAIS Congresswoman Jane Harman
2007JessicaBerlowState Department, Foreign Service Officer SAIS Secretary of Defense, Stability Operations jessberlow at
2007BenedettaBertiTel Aviv University, Institute for National Security Affairs Fletcher Congressman Adam Schiff benedettabe at
2007JohnChin Ph.D program at Princeton in politics Michigan, Ford School Department of the Treasury, East Asia jchin at
2007EfthymiaDrolapas Georgetown State Department, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor esd26 at
2007JustinHarber Georgetown Secretary of Defense, Detainee Affairs jrh52 at
2007Erin(Hart) UzesAssistant Public Affairs Officer for the US Embassy, Oman Fletcher State Department Bureau of Democracy, Human 
Rights and Labor
erinhart218 at
2007RolandMcKay Foreign Service Officer, Department of State Michigan, Ford School State Department, Near Eastern Affairs rolandmckay at
2007WilliamSchlachter Management Consultant, RPW & Associates Chicago Senate Democratic Policy Committee, Sen Harry Reid Majority Leader schlachter at
2007LiatShetretCenter on Global Counterterrorism Cooperation Illinois*

House Homeland Security Committee lshetret at
2007Lauren(Van Horn) Scher Columbia State Department, Counterterrorism ltvanhorn2003 at
2007ChristianWestraAttorney, Ropes and Gray Fletcher, Boston College Law Secretary of Defense, European and NATO Affairs christianwestra at
2007SophiaYangCouncil on Foreign Relations Monterey Secretary of Defense, Asia and Pacific Security Affairs sophiacyang at
2007DavidYesilevskiy Columbia Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen yesilevskiy at
2008BenBain US Army, Infantry Platoon Leader Georgetown Secretary of Defense, Detainee Affairs benbain at
2008RajaGunduResearcher, Center for Strategic and International Studies Georgetown House Homeland Security Committee raja.karthikeya at
2008BrianHoluj Dept of Energy, Senior China and Russia Advisor  Syracuse, Maxwell School Secretary of Defense, Stability Operations holuj at
2008MichaelMylreaDemocracy Council, Director of Cybersecurity and Technology Fletcher Secretary of Defense, Middle East Office michaelmylrea.mylrea at
2008RobertNelsonCouncil on Foreign Relations Oxford State Department, Policy Planning robert.edward.nelson at
2008GeoffroyPonte Consultant at Cabinet SDA (Paris) Michigan, Ford School Senator Mary Landrieu joponte at
2008IvanRasmussenStudent (Fletcher Ph.D) Fletcher State Department, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor ivanwrasmussen at
2008Bonnie RoseSchulmanManaging Editor at Journal of Middle East Women's Studies, Yale Univ Columbia House Foreign Affairs, Subcomm on Europe bonnierose at
2008EdShinSpecial Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of State Princeton Secretary of Defense, East Asia Office shin.ed at
2008Kelly ZackWalters Columbia Department of the Treasury kellyzack at
2008BrettYellen Department of Homeland Security Fletcher State Department, Counterterrorism Office
2009BrendanBoundy Fletcher Dept of State INL/Afghanistan Pakistan Program bboundy at
2009DougDowson Senior Analyst at Sonecon, LLC Columbia Department of Treasury, Western Hemisphere dd2440 at
2009JessieEvansState Department, Bureau for Conflict and Stabilization Operations Fletcher Dept of Defense, Office of African Affairs evans.jessie at
2009DanielFink Financial Analyst, Sweetwood Capital,Tel-Aviv SAIS Dept of Defense, Office for Central Asia djfink at
2009MattJohnsonConsultant, International Programs, LMI Government Consulting Michigan, Ford School House Committee on Homeland Security mattcj at
2009LisaLindgrenGlobal Government Affairs Manager, Adobe Systems Inc. SAIS/Columbia Business School U.S. Mission to the European Union (Brussels) lisahlindgren at
2009MarinaOlevskyAttorney, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan Princeton Dept of Defense, Office of Detainee Affairs marina.olevsky at
2009MattParker-LavineSpecial Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of State Princeton Dept of Defense, Transnational Threats Policy matthewlavine at
2009IanTobmanCountry Risk Analyst for Europe, Export Development Canada Columbia Congressman Robert Wexler iantobman at
2009PetulaTseAPAC Business Operations Manager, LinkedIn SAIS/Wharton Dept of Treasury, East Asia petula_tse at
2009GaryVanderwill Michigan, Ford School Dept of Defense, Special Operations/Low-Intensity Conflict garyvan at
2010BeaudreBarnes Clerk, U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts Fletcher, Boston Univ Law School Dept of Defense, External Customer Support, Acquisition, Resources and Analysis beaudrebarnes at
2010JamesErmarth Fletcher House Committee on Homeland Security james.ermarth at
2010ChristinaGosack Presidential Management Fellow, Office of U.S. Foreign Assistance Resources at USAID Minnesota Dept of Defense, Asia-Pacific gosa0003 at
2010LindsayHarrison Program Lead,  Overseas Security Advisory Council, Department of State Georgetown Senate Committee on Homeland Security, Investigations Subc, Minority Staff harrisonlinds at
2010GregHudson Epic, Project Manager Graduate Institute of Int'l & Dev Studies Dept of the Treasury, Global Economics gregory.hudson at
2010AndrewLevin Harper College, Adjunct Faculty Instructor Georgetown Dept of the Treasury, Global Economics ahl28 at
2010BrieanaMarticorena Student Princeton Dept of the Treasury, Western Hemisphere brieana.marticorena at
2010RobertPeterson Lieutenant Colonel, Marine Corps, Marine Aviation Duke Dept of Defense, Stability Operations robert.c.peterson at
2010RudyRickner Google, Senior Policy Specialist Columbia Senator Diane Feinstein ner2116 at
2010BenRoseth Consultant, Deloitte Consulting Columbia U.S. Embassy, Mexico, Narcotics Affairs Section benroseth at
2010AdamSchmidt LMI Consulting Michigan, Ford School Dept of Defense, Europe at
2010RobertShelala Research Assistant, Arleigh Burke Chair in Strategy at Center for Strategic and International Studies Denver, Korbel School Foreign Policy Institute, SAISrshelala at
2010DavidWallsh Ph. D Student, Martin Indyk staff Fletcher Dept of Defense, Middle East david.wallsh at
2011NateAdler Senator Jay Rockefeller, LA Harvard/Princeton Senate Foreign Relations Committee nate_adler at
2011ColeBunzel Student (Princeton Ph.D in Near Eastern Studies) SAIS Department of Defense colebunzel at
2011SarahCharlton Dropbox Fletcher Dept of Treasury, Middle East sarah.charlton at
2011ChunhuaChen Student (George Washington Univ Ph.D) Monterey Cong. Bruce Braley chunhua.adela at
2011MaraCowan National Nuclear Security Administration, Nonproliferation Graduate Fellow 
Washington Dept of Defense, Rule of Law & Int'l Humanitarian Policy mcowan17 at
2011SeanDuggan Research Assistant, RAND Corporation Fletcher Dept of Defense, Policy Planning duggansean1 at
2011PaulFraioli Research Associate, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard Kennedy School of Government Columbia House Committee on Homeland Security paul.fraioli at
2011KosarJahani Impact Manager, SamaUSA at Samasource Fletcher Senate Committee on Homeland Security kosar.jahani at
2011MarieKurth Foreign Affairs Officer, U.S. Department of State Minnesota Dept of State, Int'l Narcotics and Law Enforcement - Afghanistan-Pakistan marie.kurth at
2011SethMaddox Foreign Affairs Officer, U.S. Department of State American Dept of Defense, Office of Near Eastern Affairs seth.j.maddox at
2011StephenMajors Associate, Corporate Advisory Services for Eurasia Group Maryland Dept of Treasury, Office of Multilateral Development Banks stephen.majors81 at
2011MarianMessing Student Princeton* Dept of Defense, Office of European and Eurasian Affairs: NATO mmessing at
2011CodyNelson Student Minnesota Dept of Treasury, Office of Trade and Investment Policy nels2500 at
2011AustinPedersen Department of Labor, International Labor Affairs Bureau, International Relations Analyst Maryland Cong. Bruce Braley austinpedersen at
2011DavidRosenblum State Department,  Presidential Management Fellow, Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Bureau, Near Eastern Affairs Office Georgetown Dept of Defense, Office of Near Eastern Affairs dbrosenblum at
2011MattSoutherland Rand Corporation, Research Assistant Maryland Dept of Treasury, Office of Development Policy and Debt/East Asia southerlandm at
2011NellWilliams Student Graduate Institute of Int'l & Dev Studies Dept of Agriculture, Institute of Bioenergy, Climate and the Environment nell.williams at
2012LauraAlexander Student Syracuse, Maxwell School State Dept., Bureau of Int'l Law & Narcotics laura.s.alexander at
2012GraceCarroll Student George Washington, Elliott School Dept of Defense, International Security Affairs-Europe & NATO gcarroll at
2012AlexanderEly Student Fletcher  Dept of Defense, Office for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction alexander.n.ely at
2012AshleyFaddis Booz Allen Hamilton Senior Consultant Texas A&M, Bush School Department of Defense ashleyfaddis at
2012RebeccaFarmer Foreign Service Officer, Department of State Georgetown Department of Defense rebecca.e.farmer at
2012JaneFarrington Clerk for Judge Ellis on the Eastern District of Virginia and Judge McKeown on the Ninth Circuit Princeton/Stanford Law United States Trade Representative jane.farrington at
2012LeahGreenberg Student Fletcher Dept of Defense, Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict leah.greenberg at
2012KarenHirko Deloitte, Senior Consultant SAIS Dept of State, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs khirko1 at
2012SyedJamal Student Minnesota, Humphrey School Senator Sherrod Brown jamal024 at
2012KoichiroKawaguchi Economic Counselor, Embassy of Japan, Washington, DC Yale Sen. Carl Levin and   Sen. Joseph Lieberman koichiro.kawaguchi at
2012SusannaKim Analyst, Accenture Growth & Strategy Team Columbia  Dept of the Treasury, Multilateral Development Banks hk2608 at
2012TinuvielLathrop Project Team Member at Denver Council on Foreign Relations (DCFR) Denver, Korbel School Dept of Defense, Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict tinuviellathrop at
2012JulianLopez Leadership Fellow,  Port Authority of NY & NJ Harvard Kennedy School Dept of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture julian_lopez at
2012BenjaminLuehrs NYC Office of Management & Budget, Budget Analyst Columbia and Fundacao Getulio Vargas (Brazil) Dept of State, Bilateral Trade bjl2139 at
2012DavidMacDonald Foreign Affairs Officer, Dept of State SAIS Dept of State, Bureau of East Asian & Pacific Affairs david.macdonald at
2012HunterMarston The IndoPacific Review, Myanmar Analyst Univ of Washington, Jackson School U.S. Embassy, Rangoon, Burma huntermarston at
2012RebeccaBell Martin Student (Brown Univ Ph.D Political Science) Denver, Korbel School Dept of Defense, Office of Homeland Defense & Americas' Security Affairs rebeccavbell at
2012DavidPark Legislative Correspondent, Senator Joe Donnelly Fletcher Department of State, Office of the Special Representative for North Korea Policy david_park at
2012ReidPorter Pact, Senior Results & Measurement Specialist Texas, LBJ School Millennium Challenge Corporation reidmporter at
2012JosephRozenshtein Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State Columbia Dept of the Treasury, East Asia Office jrozenshtein at
2012JanSaxhaug Regional Labor Market Analyst at Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development Minnesota, Humphrey School Senator Mark Udall saxha009 at
2012DavidSokolow CrossMatch Technologies Texas, LBJ School Dept of Defense, Strategy, Plans, and Force Development david.sokolow at
2012DavidTaylor Student Monterey Dept of Homeland Security, Immigration & Customs Enforcement davidwilltaylor at
2013NateAllen Student Princeton State Dept Bureau of Conflict & Stabilization Operations, Africa Operations Office ndfa at
2013JackBianchi Student SAIS Department of the Treasury, Office of Investment Security bianchi.jack at
2013KentBoydston Student Univ of California San Diego State Department, Bureau of East Asia and Pacific Affairs/Korea Desk kcboydst at
2013MarissaCramer Student Sciences Po Dept of Labor, Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor and Human Trafficking marissa.cramer at
2013CallumForster Student Denver, Korbel School Cong. Jim McDermott forsterjcallum at
2013CristinaGarafola Student SAIS Treasury Dept, U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue Office cristina.garafola at
2013QuintonJones Student Texas A&M Bush School State Dept, Bureau of Int'l Narcotics and Law Enforcement, Afghan Transition Team qjones08 at
2013DavidKnoll Student Fletcher Office of the Dep Asst Sec of Defense for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia david.knoll at
2013WesKovarik Student Univ of Washington Jackson School and Law School Cong. Jim McDermott wkovarik at
2013SonyaKuki Student Columbia, SIPA Council of Women Leaders/ de Klerk Foundation, S. Africa syk2123 at
2013AlisonLaporte-Oshiro Student Harvard, Kennedy School Office of Asst Sec of Defense for Special Operations alison_laporte at
2013AlanLeonard Student Univ of Texas, LBJ School Senator Harry Reid alan.l at
2013John SpeedMeyers Student Princeton State Dept, Office of Chinese and Mongolian Affairs johnsm at
2013DanMingrone Student Fletcher Office of Dep Asst Sec of Defense for Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia daniel.mingrone at
2013EmilyMullins Student Texas A&M Bush School U.S. Embassy La Paz emilymullins at
2013TieraRainey Student George Washington Elliott School U.S. Institute of Peace tierarainey at
2013WarrenRyan Student Georgetown, Walsh School U.S. Institute of Peace wfr4 at
2013TokuSakai Student SAIS Asst Sec of Defense for Special Operations toku.sakai at
2013IdoSivan Sevilla Student Univ of Minnesota Cong. Ami Bera sivan018 at
2013TravisSharp Student Princeton Dep Asst Sec of Defense for Strategy travisks at
2013JustinasSileikis Student Fletcher Asst Sec of Defense for Special Operations justinas.sileikis at
2013KellySteffen Student Univ of Texas, LBJ School and Business School USAID, Africa Bureau, Addis Ababa steffe211 at
2013EliYani Student Univ of California San Diego State Dept, Bureau of Legislative Affairs eliyani00 at

* School attended at time of selection (where Fellow was a Senior)  European Visitors Program of the European Communities sponsors one Rosenthal Fellow each year to travel to European countries.

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